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2018 Elizabeth Nuñez says GUFE led her to success!

PEF’s Candidate Forum Panelist 1-2018

PEF’s Candidate Forum Panelist 2-2018

PEF’s Candidate Forum Panelist 3-2018

Educated Voter’s Guide, in English, in Spanish

College Guide 2017-2018 School Year

2017 Jeffrey Sanchez – inspired by Iron Man and MOTH!

Community Engagement Report to Search Team and School Board

PEF’s Candidate Forum 2017

2016 Meet the Future Dr. Johnson: On her way to successful college and career!

College Guide 2016-2017 School Year

Paterson Public School Budget 2017-2018

Educated Voter’s Guide, in English, in Spanish

2015 Bryan Finds a Pathway: The Turning Points

Educated Voter’s Guide, in English, in Spanish

College Guide 2015-2016 School Year

Paterson Public School Budget 2015 2016

2014 CEO of the World or Judge?

Educated Voter’s Guide, in Englishin Spanish

2013 Rosie Grant: My Job, My Calling, My Mission

Charter Forum documents: PowerPoint, FAQ’s, Performance Reports overviews

Educated Voter’s Guide, in English, in Spanish


Paterson Suspension Rates Undermine Our Success

Paterson School District Budget 2012-13

Educated Voter’s Guide, in English


Educated Voter’s Guide, in english


Nov 15 Help Us Lower the Barriers to Student Success!

Civic Index Poll of Education in Paterson

Educated Voter’s Guide in english, in spanish


Read about Paterson and school funding in Next American City

Nov 17 Look What You Did!

Kevin Carroll and the Red Ruber Ball return to Paterson for Class of 2013!

Get the Ticket to Your Future, a college going guide for Paterson students by        Paterson students

PEF’s School Budget Report

Educated Voter’s Guide


Nov 17 What Will YOU Celebrate?

Poll on Education Attitudes in Paterson

PEF’s Paterson School Budget Report

Paterson School Based Budgets

KPMG audit re:city use of schools, see pages 24 and 153

2007  Who Needs a Navigator?

2006  Do ALL Kids Deserve Good Schools?

2005  Are You the “First in the Family”?

2004  Putting Paterson on the College Track

2003  ALL Means ALL