Looking a gift horse in the mouth: Zuckerberg’s millions for Newark schools

Two different reporters called me yesterday about Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark schools. They asked if private dollars can substitue for public dollars in our schools. It is clear that they don’t understand how much money it takes to run our schools. Or how fickle donors

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School Construction Update:The SDA says keeping waiting patiently

I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated and angry about the state of New Jersey school construction. Twelve years ago in 1998, the NJ Supreme Court ordered the state to build new schools in the Abbott districts [now SDA districts] to replace old, dilapidated schools. At that

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Excess Surplus at the School Board and College Bound Students

We’ve promised to follow the Paterson School Board meetings. Here’s some highlights from September 15th’s meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:18 with six members present. The final three were present by 7:40 pm. Some of you have asked why we are giving you the

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What you can learn on October 2 at PEF’s community leaders conversation: Building Brighter Futures

If you’ve ever wished that you could hear something good about Paterson students and their teachers, here is your chance. Is it worth investing a Saturday? You bet. Come hear from innovative Paterson science teachers and their student interns. They know how to turn middle school kids

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Help Create Brighter Futures! PEF Leadership Conference October 2

If we want our children to achieve, we can’t just leave it to our schools.  We, each and every one of us, have to find a way to help the children. And here’s a way to begin. Plan to join PEF’s Leadership Conversation on October 2 at

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Myths About Returning to Local Control: Twenty years and counting

Myth # 1.  Paterson schools were better in 1991 than they are now. Were our test scores better? Yes.  But the level of educational performance they were testing at the high school level was about our current 4th grade curriculum. Consider that in 1991, only students who

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Returning to Local Control: Will Paterson ever get out of takeover?

Do you know that it has been 19 years [August 3, 1991] since the State of New Jersey took over the Paterson Public Schools?  Since that time Paterson has had six State Superintendents, seven Commissioners of Education and seven Governors. For a long time it seemed that

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Paterson School Board Workshop, Sept 1: Ready for School?

We’ll be covering the Paterson School Board meetings from now on.  Last night, September 1, the board held its regular workshop meeting at 6:17. Present for roll call were Commissioners Best, Guzman, Irving, Simmons and Taylor.  Commissioners Hodges and Kerr entered at 6:28 and Commissioner Mendez at

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PEF is blogging!

Hello, world! Paterson Education Fund’s Irene Sterling and Rosie Grant aim to keep you up to date on education issues in Paterson, in our state and around our world. And we hope to hear from you as we go. What is your burning education question? Will Paterson

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25th Anniversary Celebration

Created in 1983 by the Ford Foundation through the Public Education Fund, PEF began its work by providing small grants to teachers. Over time, PEF has moved from “doing good” to “making a difference” to “stimulating change.” The next 25 years will be even more challenging as

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