Would twice as much income make an educational difference?

Do you know that families with children made nearly twice as much  income in Passaic County than in Paterson? The new census shows that the median income [the mid point: half make more; half make less] for a Paterson family with children was $29,500; the median for Passaic County was

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How many NJ kids in private schools? Check this map.

There is so much debate on education issues, sometimes an interesting tool gets lost.  Take today’s story on NJ Spotlight about private school participation in NJ. It’s lost behind the stories about charters and teacher tenure. Click here to go to the story and the interactive map.

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New year, old issue: vouchers

Happy New Year! I wish the best for you as 2012 begins. I also wish that we would stop trying to “fix” our Paterson schools with smoke and mirrors. There are all sorts of reasons to oppose the voucher legislation known as the “Opportunity Scholarship Act” from

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Call to Action: Paterson Reads!

Do you know that children who do not read on grade level by the end of third grade are likely to drop out? As early as 9 years old, some kids are on a path to a life of poverty and hardship. But it doesn’t have to be that

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Paterson Kids Count Full Report

How are the children? Stuggling.   We all know that. However, Paterson Kids Count shows us a detailed, rounded picture of our children’s conditions over the past five years. For us at PEF, the critical point is the low literacy achievement by fourth grade. As you look at all

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Help Paterson children with Donors Choose

I love putting a smile on children’s faces. Their joy in simple things is so uplifting. Yesterday, on Halloween, we took pop-up cards to Napier Academy/School 4’s middle school students. Their smiles spread from ear to ear. Today, we have a new opportunity to make big smiles.

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It’s the Law, isn’t it?

I’m scratching my head about this question: don’t we have to follow the law? We pride ourselves in this country about being a nation of laws, not men. But it doesn’t seem as if New Jersey is paying much attention.  We seem to believe in selective enforcement.

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Join us Saturday on another planet!

Where you you be on Saturday, October 15? We’ll be at Planet 301 at the City Center Mall as part of Paterson Public Schools’ Parent and Community Awareness Day.  It’s a day packed with interesting opportunities to hear about what’s new in the Paterson Public Schools.  Meet

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So many people to thank!

I’m sending a big shout out to all the wonderful people and groups who have responded to the needs of the children of Napier Academy/School 4. Thank you all so much. I know that some of you don’t want recognition so I won’t list your names. But

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After the fall

Dread and fear. I felt them over the past two weeks as the flooding Passaic River drowned my city. No matter how prepared you think you are, the question niggles, Have I done everything I can to prepare? Inevitably, no.  There is  always something overlooked. For me personally, it was

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