How many NJ kids in private schools? Check this map.

There is so much debate on education issues, sometimes an interesting tool gets lost.  Take today’s story on NJ Spotlight about private school participation in NJ. It’s lost behind the stories about charters and teacher tenure. Click here to go to the story and the interactive map.

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Paterson Kids Count Full Report

How are the children? Stuggling.   We all know that. However, Paterson Kids Count shows us a detailed, rounded picture of our children’s conditions over the past five years. For us at PEF, the critical point is the low literacy achievement by fourth grade. As you look at all

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Help Paterson children with Donors Choose

I love putting a smile on children’s faces. Their joy in simple things is so uplifting. Yesterday, on Halloween, we took pop-up cards to Napier Academy/School 4’s middle school students. Their smiles spread from ear to ear. Today, we have a new opportunity to make big smiles.

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It’s the Law, isn’t it?

I’m scratching my head about this question: don’t we have to follow the law? We pride ourselves in this country about being a nation of laws, not men. But it doesn’t seem as if New Jersey is paying much attention.  We seem to believe in selective enforcement.

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Twenty years and counting

We’ve past a milestone that I hoped we’d never see. August 7 was the 20th anniversary of state takeover of the Paterson Public Schools.  Will we ever return?  We could. NJ QSAC [Quality Single Accountability Continuum] finally provided the roadmap. Our state superintendents, yes several, and our Board of

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Save Our Schools!

 Linda and I had an exhilarating experience at the Save Our Schools March in Washington DC this Saturday!  5,000 people gathered at the Ellipse Park behind the White House and rallied for more resources for public schools. Rally speakers included Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, Pedro Noguera and

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Public Schools Should Go Away

“Public schools should go away.” I’ve always thought that such charges were just rhetorical, part of the rant in debate. But no, Monday’s Star Ledger features a Bob Braun column that turns my blood cold.  “Public schools should go away,” emails Teri Adams of the Independence Hall

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It’s Just Paterson-So Why Care?

In Friday’s Herald News, Assistant Editorial Page Editor Bruce Lowry vents his displeasure with recent events in Paterson, culminating with call by the investigators for the State Attorney General’s Office to investigate Councilman Benjy Wimberly. See the article here. Lowry says it won’t matter. I respectfully disagree.  What

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“Democracy isn’t just for rich people”

“Democracy isn’t just for rich people,” said Julia Sass Rubin in Bob Braun’s column about waning support for charters. Our suburban neighbors are proposing that charter schools should have to be approved by the local community. Dr. Rubin leads a coalition called Save Our Schools NJ who has

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Heat Wave!

Are you sitting in air conditioning to do your work? Can you imagine trying to do your work without airconditioning? I sure can’t.  I wilt in the heat.  My brain won’t work. How about you? And yet our children and their teachers in sitting in unairconditioned school

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