Paterson’s Avid Young Readers: 50 Book Club

Today we celebrate more than 1,066 young Paterson readers who read 50 books over the course of the year. We will offer games, crafts, face painting, books and a surprise visit from a big red dog [you know who, right?]. Come by the Paterson Public Library and

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Lawless in NJ? School funding redux

This could be the week we hear from the NJ Supreme Court about the School Funding Reform Act of 2008.  Is the state required to follow the law? Or can a governor and legislature simply ignore the law? If the governor and legislature don’t agree with the court,

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You are not alone if you organize

I’ll tell you a secret.  At some point, every parent feels like they are the only one with the problem. You are angry, maybe embarassed.  You don’t know what to do. It feels too big to tackle. You get angry at your kid for causing the problem,

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Can you hear the children?

Tonight, PEF will hold its annual School Board Candidate Forum. I’ll be listening for the candidates to talk about the needs of our children. Do we have enough teachers? Are classrooms overcrowded? How do we reduce the use of suspensions? Will every child have access to arts

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Making Do without $54 million

It’s budget time for schools across the country.  Schools face higher demands and reduced support. And the news in Paterson isn’t any better. While our budget increased by $14 million, its buying power is less.  For example, we will lose 250 staff members next year. It’s not

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Imagine if we graduated 90% of Paterson kids!

Imagine if we graduated 90% of Paterson kids! I had the distinct privilege of participating in the First Annual America’s Promise GradNation Summit in Washington DC last week. It was so exciting to see so many people hyped about getting all our children to graduate high school

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Listening for Justice

On Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm in Judge Doyne’s courtroom, we will once again listen for the sounds of justice as the judge hears closing arguments in the SFRA remand trial. What are the sounds of justice? For me, it is to hear that ALL the children have

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Lies, damned lies and statistics, II

All our children need good schools. Nobody disagrees with that. So why can’t we have a civil, rational discussion about how to reach the goal for all kids? Why do we end up twisting statistics in a semantic duel? The latest bad example is chronicled in Bob

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Hooray and now what?

Yesterday Governor Christie announced that 10 of the 51 school construction projects from 2008 would move forward. Thankfully, Paterson has two of them: Hazel Marshall and School 16. Given the enormity of Paterson’s school facility needs, this is a huge step forward. But after we celebrate, comes

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Noah’s Ark and “Opportunity Scholarships”

Each time we talk about vouchers, even lightly disguised as “Opportunity Scholarships”, I think of Noah’s Ark. You know the story. God sends a flood to destroy the evil people, but gives Noah a chance to save two of each kind of animal to repopulate a new earth by building the

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