Heat Wave!

Are you sitting in air conditioning to do your work? Can you imagine trying to do your work without airconditioning? I sure can’t.  I wilt in the heat.  My brain won’t work. How about you? And yet our children and their teachers in sitting in unairconditioned school

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Hooray and now what?

Yesterday Governor Christie announced that 10 of the 51 school construction projects from 2008 would move forward. Thankfully, Paterson has two of them: Hazel Marshall and School 16. Given the enormity of Paterson’s school facility needs, this is a huge step forward. But after we celebrate, comes

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Paterson Parents Stand Up for Their Kids

It’s a day to celebrate! Paterson parents stood up for their kids in two separate, but significant actions. First, Corey Teague organized a protest in front of the Paterson Public Schools central offices to highlight the state’s lack of action in releasing funds to provide for pre-k

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How many bureaucrats does it take to build 50 schools?

Thanks to John Mooney and and NJ Spotlight, we now know that 308 employees of the School Development Authority, including nearly 50 making over $100,000, have worked for nearly a year to reconsider 50 school projects and reorganize the organizational chart.  With roughly 60 SDA employees per

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School Construction Update:The SDA says keeping waiting patiently

I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated and angry about the state of New Jersey school construction. Twelve years ago in 1998, the NJ Supreme Court ordered the state to build new schools in the Abbott districts [now SDA districts] to replace old, dilapidated schools. At that

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