Pathways to College: Stay the Course

On September 27, 2014, PEF held a Youth Leadership Retreat titled “Pathways to College: Stay the Course”. All the presentations were planned and led by the youth who participate in PEF’s programs. The first presentation was done by E3 University whereby they shared what activities they did

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One-Year Deal for Newark’s School Chief Is Not a Vote of Confidence

Op-Ed: NJ Spotlight Superintendent Anderson’s single-year renewal is a signal to the community to refocus its energy and redouble its efforts I’ve been so dismayed watching the Newark school registration chaos. It breaks my heart that parents and children are being treated like second-class citizens, in order

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Call for community input in SIG regulations

Paterson – Paterson Education Fund is a member of the National Journey for Justice Alliance.  For years, the Journey for Justice Alliance – a coalition of grassroots education organizations in 22 cities – has resisted federal education “reform” policies. As an alternative to the harmful trend of

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Election Petitions

  Given that this year will be Paterson’s 1st November School Board Election, I decided we should call the authorities to get official information.  After all, petitions for would be candidates are due by 4:00pm on July 28.  The first call was to the Passaic County Board

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Paterson Board of Education Gains Local Control of Operations with Expectation of a timeline for Other Areas

June 4, 2014 Paterson Education Fund is celebrating today’s partial return of control to the Paterson Board of Education. Gaining local control in 1 of 5 areas is a very significant first step in the process of regaining full control.  It is evidence of the State’s intent.

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Proposed Charter Schools-Why Paterson?

The Math & Culture Charter School I had the opportunity to view the applications for the two proposed charter schools: The Math & Culture Charter School and Noble Preparatory Charter School.  The lead founder and qualifying founder are both from North Haledon (makes you wonder “Why Paterson?”).

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Update: State Promises to Fund the Formula

Great news today! Thanks to the tireless efforts of those who advocated, the NJ Department of Education will run the school funding formula.  Read on… From the Education Law Center: In an April 7 letter to the NJ Supreme Court,  the Attorney General has advised that the

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Fund the Formula Testimony

Hi, I wanted to share a copy of my testimony to the NJ Legislature this week.  Please log on to ( and register for an opportunity to testify for the Department of Education to run the school funding formula.  I’d be happy to help you write your

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Budget Priority Setting Meeting

I was at the Budget Priority Setting meeting this Wednesday and the recommended priorities were in fact, all credible suggestions.  They included interventions for failing students, science labs, adequate technology, college prep services and many others.  It’s unfortunate that the Board has to choose among things that

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School Performance Reports Presentation at NJ DOE

On February 12th I attended the State Board of Education meeting to listen to the commissioner’s reports on school performance and core curriculum content standards.  The presenters were very knowledgeable in their fields and presented the information in an easy to follow fashion.  Below are the highlights

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