Let’s Learn to Facilitate Difficult Discussions

Paterson’s diversity offers a richness that is unmatched by any other NJ community.  In order the embrace and appreciate this diversity, we must make a concerted effort to understand, acknowledge and respect each other’s cultures and norms.

Our democracy is dependent on a good democratic process which values the input of all citizens.  Public conversations are often difficult even in homogeneous communities simply because personalities, experiences and opinions differ.  They are even more difficult among diverse groups.  When it comes to educating our children, we need to be ready to have these difficult conversations about race and how stereotypical thinking can negatively affect  student outcomes.

Given Paterson’s diversity, PEF trains staff and community volunteers to facilitate difficult conversations.  Our facilitators participate in skill building opportunities and role play exercises to help them relate to all sectors of the community.  The training includes anti-racism and cultural diversity training as well as setting agendas and managing group dynamics.

Do you want to be a part of our facilitation team?  Call Rosie Grant for additional information (973) 881-8914.