Learning Resources on Education Issues

PEF is participating in a number of campaigns on education issues. Here are some of the issues we are following and some of the background information we have developed. Become an ally and help us better the learning opportunities for our children.

Opportunity to learn. A great teacher in each classroom? Absolutely, but that’s not enough. Our teachers need resources and support to insure that students have they need to learn. Poverty exacts a vicious toll on children’s ability to concentrate and learn. PEF supports school funding reform and community schools as key strategies for alleviating the effects of poverty.1395296_10151771684061275_2130663111_n

Chronic absenteeism and suspension help propel students out of school and into the school to prison pipeline. Children who are absent more than 15 days per year are in danger. And when schools suspend students for non-violent behavior, they push children into more danger.

Understanding Student Performance. New Jersey has begun new report cards for schools, now call “School Performance Reports.” One of the new measures on the reports is a “student growth” measure. It looks beyond just the testing outcomes to see if schools are making progress in helping all students learn. For example, a school’s test scores may not be high, but the school is helping all students improve.

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