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The Blum-Merians Foundation, Inc.
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
The Henry & Marilyn Taub Foundation
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Paterson Children’s Foundation
Public Service Enterprise Group
The Schumann Fund For New Jersey


Bank of America
Citi Foundation
Roche Foundation
State Farm Insurance
TD Banknorth, N.A.
Wells Fargo

Local Businesses

Accurate Box Company
American Dream Management Corp.
Bergen Industrial Supply Co. Inc.
Berkeley College
Bogue Systems, Inc.
C J Vanderbeck and Son, Inc.
Class Of June 1961 Reunion
Columbia Bank
De Yoe, Heissenbuttle & Buglione
Downtown Paterson Special Improvement
Emerson Bible Church, Inc.
Franklin Mill Associates
Hamilton Partnership
Hammond Traier & Burns, LLC
HF Management Services, LLC
IRODZ Associates
McKinley White & Co
Moral Outreach Consulting Group
New Jersey Community Development Corporation
Nextwave Web LLC
Nicholas Real Estate Agency
North Jersey Federal Credit Union
Otterstedt Insurance & Surety
Paterson Restoration Corp.
Pike Construction Co., L.L.C.
Ropes & Gray LLP
Rotary Club Of Paterson
St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation
State Farm Insurance
Tenth Avenue Associates
The Greco Realty Group
The Hudson Heating Wholesaler, Inc.
United Way of Passaic County
Valley National Bank


Michelle Abel
Leslie Agard-Jones
John and Mrs. Debra Algera
Joseph and Joelene Andriulli
Pamela Athas
Paul and Carmel Balz
Steffany Baptiste
Gladys Bayon
Rosalie and Danie Bespalko
Clarence Boseman
Alan Bowen
Rosa Brown
Patricia and Carl Bruger
Robert and Katherine Brundige
Joseph Buga
Nelly Celi
Linda Cerra
Marjorie Christie
Catherine Clark
Marsha Cohen
Carrie Coleman
Melissa Cornejo
Edward Cotton
William Dailey
Ralph & Marcia DeLuccia
Thomas DeStefano
Lois Deyo
Romelyn Dones
Andrew and Barbara Dunn
Jamie Dykes
Dale and Susan Ellis
Donnie and Charlene Evans
Madelana Ferrara-Mattheis
Frances Finkelstein
Bruce and Judith Fitzmaurice
M. Eleanor Forbes
Joyce Frommer
Joseph Fulmore
Robert and Gilda Gilmartin
Michael Glascoe
Rosie Grant
Miriam Greenhouse
Carlos Guzman
Elaine Harrington
Norma Harrison
Paula Harrison-Smalling
John Hartnett
Josephine Hernandez
Karen Johnson
Rose and John Kardashian
Arnold Korotkin
Mark and Tova Kristal
Glenn Lagatol
Susan Lane
Fred L. Lang
Barbara Lawrence
Carletta Lindie-Fowlkes
Lynn Liptak
Kathleen Long
Sherry Lottero
Gregory and Beverly Luciano
Marie Macioci
Elaine Marshall
Karen Mayo-Hogan
Thomas McCain
Eileen McCoy
Janet McDaniel
Gunnar and Susan Mengers
Meg Meyers
Katie Monroe
Michelene Moody
Dolores Most
Alice Olick
Doris Pagan
Jacqueline Panico
Philip Pope
Nellie Pou
Rohini Raghubans
Kenrick Ramdath
Charles and Barbara Reilly
Melodye Robinson
Stefanie Rotsaert
Romain Royal
Geraldine Russo
Librada Sanchez
Arthur Scialla
Eileen Shafer
Patricia Sisti
Ronnie Smith and Charles Glorioso
Susan Soobzokov
Alveria Spencer
Harvey and Dorothy Starr
Karen Sterling
Robert Stern
Janis Strasser
William Sumter
Isa Suqi
James and Nancy Thomas
Jeanette Thompson
Bernadette and William Tiernan
Jerry Traille
Stacey Tsapatsaris
Brenda Turnbull
Mark and Dawn Van Denend
Don Vanderbeck
Dorothy Vanderbeck
Anna Villalongo
Guy and Elaine Vinopal
Charles Walker
Lola Weber
Maria Workman
Leonard and Helen Zax
Howard Zuckerman


Michelle Abel
Pamela Amidou-Diaye
Allan Boyer
Lillian Branch
Antoinette Brevard
Patricia Bruger
Windella Canty
Shamaysha Canty
Nazmere Canty
Destinee Canty
Lorenzo Carpenter
Leon Carpenter
Kenneth Clayton
Cindy Czesak
Leah Dade
Crystal Daniels
Robin Daniels
Christie Encarnacion
Donnie Evans
Julia Fabor
Vilma Ferreri
Cory Fronte
Karla Garcia
Emily Glover
Andrea Gomez
Yannely Gomez
Nancy Grier
Marqweesha Guthrie
Ani Guzman
Patricia Harris
Blanche Harris
Cynthia Harris
Zakiyyah Harrison
Joyce Henry
Jose Hernandez
Renee Hooks
Je’vont Hopkins
Carolyn Howard
Lorenzo Huarachi
Diego Huarachi
Jazhir Jackson
Melody Jackson-Perry
Melinda Jimenez
Gina Johnson
Jeffery Jones
Rose Kardashian
Melissa Litwin
Maggie Lopez
Deborah Major
Vivian Matthew
Karen Mayo-Hogan
Carolyn McCombs
William Kemper McDowell
Michael McDuffie
Angela Enid Medina
Katelynn Morales
Antasha Morgan
Michael Moro
Darlene Morris
Kelly Moss
Kate Muldoon
Levon Myles
Nelson Olivo
Sally Ortega
Martha Ospina
Margaret Padilla
Sarai Perez
Susana Peron
Jeffrey Perry
Myra Piereschi
Sasha Polanco
Terry Reed
Ivan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rojas
Madeline Roman
Chantelle Rosario
Aileen Rosario
Rosemary Santiago
Manuel See
Eileen Shafer
Kenneth Simpson
Gladys Sinclair
Alveria Spencer
Patricia Stewart
Bernadette Tiernan
Bernice Toledo
Jerry Traille
Stacey Tsapatsaris
Jessica Usedhe
Odette Valdez
Angel Villalongo, I
Vickie White-Franklin
Tamika Wiggins
Benjie Wimberly
Arturo Ybanez Rodriguez
Yvonne Zuidema


Paterson Education Fund
152 Market St., Suite 208
Paterson, NJ 07501
P: 973.881.8914
F: 973.881.8059

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Paterson Education Fund (PEF)

PEF activates students, parents, community members, and schools to adopt winning strategies for teaching and learning. PEF’s critical investments expand educators’ and families’ vision of what Paterson children can do.