Congratulations to the Paterson School Board Election Winners!

e-capersEmanuel Capers, 155 Sherwood Avenue. Cell Phone: 973-572-5223.  Email: teamecapers@gmail.comEmployment: Founder and Director of the 4th and Inches Foundation.  Length of residence in Paterson: 31 years. Education: Elementary – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, High School – Don Bosco, College – William Paterson University, Class of 2009. . Family: Wife, Christina Capers, two Daughters Zyira and Leah Capers.  Past and Current Involvement in the Paterson Public Schools: High School Football Coach, Advisor and Mentor.  Civic Involvements: I sponsored and co-sponsored programs and events, which includes Back to School Drives, Annual Essay-Writing Contest, Keep Someone Warm Drive, Thanksgiving Turkey Drives, the Westside garden Project, Sport Camps, Community panel discussions and Fundraisers. Recently I sponsored a free trip to the Liberty Science Center for the Books and Balls Camp, Also, I participated in several “Stop the Violence” rallies, which helps promote a safer Paterson.  Furthermore, my dedication to serving my community has helped me reach children and families within the City of Paterson through direct service.  Number of Board meetings attended in the last six months: 3.Three major issues: (1) Quality Leadership.  (2)  Parental Involvement.  (3) Adequate Funding.

dr-c-irvingDr. Christopher C. Irving, 113 Dundee Avenue. Cell Phone: 973-348-5002.  Email: Employment: Passaic County Workforce Development Board, Executive Director.   Length of residence in Paterson: All my life. Education: BA Ramapo College of NJ, MA- William Paterson University, and Ed.D – Seton Hall University. Family: Jocelyn Irving-mom, Farrah Irving-sister, Herman Irving-brother.   Past and Current Involvement in the Paterson Public Schools: Current Paterson Board of Education Member (President).  Civic Involvements: September 2011, 2012, 2014 –College and Crier Forums, June 2011, 2013, 2015-Scholarship Saturday, 2012, 2013, 2016 – Vision and Eye Glass Screening day. Number of Board meetings attended in the last six months: All. Three major issues: (1) Enhancing the math and Literacy rates of All our children.  These two content areas are the cornerstone of the educational process.  As a community we need to ensure that all children are able to function at grade level.  (2)  Ensuring that all of our schools are safe an orderly to ensure learning occur.  (3) Improving the districts commitment to our parents and community to engage all in the process of education.

Flavio Rivera,               No information provided.

m-martinezManny Martinez, Jr., 19 Market Street. Work Phone: 973-413-2057. Email:, mmartinex@ccsp.orgEmployment: Teacher/Director of Community Schools at the Community Charter School of Paterson, Business Owner – Martinez Memorial LLC.  Length of residence in Paterson: 40 years as a Paterson resident. Education: Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree Mortuary Science. Family: Family has lived in Paterson for over 55 years.   Past and Current Involvement in the Paterson Public Schools: Former 1st grade teacher in Paterson Pubic Schools and former Commissioner on the Paterson Board of education (2012-2016). Civic Involvements: Member of numerous city wide organizations including Team Hope and volunteer at countless events.  Number of Board meetings attended in the last six months: 3. (3). Three major issues: (1) Curriculum Development – we must infuse a renewed sense of rigor, engagement and differentiation in all of our classrooms thus ensuring that all of our scholars are being reached.  (2) The Arts – additional resources need to be allocated towards the arts.  Data indicates that students who are involved in the arts are more likely to perform better academically.  One of my highlights working on the board during my first tenure was helping to bring the Paterson Music Project into Paterson Public Schools.  (3) Recreation/After School Programming – our students do not have adequate access or resources or quality programming after the regular school day concludes.  Wrap around services are desperately needed to ensure academic achievement as well as affording working parents the opportunity to have their children in a safe and productive environment while they are still at work.

PEF 2016 School Board Voter’s Guide English

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