If you’ve ever wished that you could hear something good about Paterson students and their teachers, here is your chance. Is it worth investing a Saturday? You bet.

Come hear from innovative Paterson science teachers and their student interns. They know how to turn middle school kids on to science.

How do we hook kids on their futures? By helping them imagine it with Paterson Pathways [formerly Navigation 101]. Now starting at the Academies at Eastside High School, Paterson Pathways help students plan and build realistic paths to making their dreams come true.

Hear how Eastside High School students are talking with their peers about the College Track. PEF is expanding student led College Track to JFK this year. Come talk to the students who are leading the way.

Ever wish you could get the information you want from a conversation with an educator? Learn how to ask the right question and empower yourself. Find out how learning how to support, monitor and advocate for your children can make all the difference.

What can community schools do to help students and their families? Come discuss how School 5 is leading the way as Dr. Evans commits to creating community schools across the Paterson. We need community organizations, individuals, faith communities and you to join the effort.

Tired of old buildings that can’t meet the needs of our kids? We are, too! Let’s talk about how we get the new schools promised to Paterson. Let’s get Hazel Marshall built.

Do you know how to use Facebook and Capwiz to influence your elected officials? We’d like to help you learn how to make your voice heard and be counted. Separate sessions in Spanish [am] and English [pm].

Can more charter schools make a difference in Paterson? Come find out about some of the changes being proposed by the State of New Jersey to allow more charters.

Best of all, share these workshops with a broad group of Paterson leaders, just like yourself. Dr. Evans and his leadership team will be there. Even our Mayor Jeff Jones will be there. Parent leaders, faith leaders and student leaders will be there. Don’t miss the Oct.2nd PEF Leadership Conference at PCCC where all these topics will be discussed!

See you!