Twelve Things You Can Do to Change Paterson Public Schools

Making change in Paterson is NOT a spectator sport!  We need everyone’s help to move forward.

Here are 12 things you can do to make change.

1. Take action, don’t just grumble. Legislators, school board members and newspapers can’t hear you unless you write, email or phone. So few people do take action that your voice will be really loud.

2. Tell people what you value. Good schools, fairness, equity, and accountability are values we embrace as Americans.  Speaking of your values gains you allies.

3. Support the children around you.  If we all do that, then we CAN reach them all.

4. Offer support. Ask “what can I do to help?” People react better to support than criticism, and then you can talk about what can be better.

5. Participate in a group at your school, house of worship, local neighborhood. No single person can make the changes our children need. Work together.

6. Vote.  And encourage others to vote.

7. Learn about the issues.

8. Attend a School Board Meeting,

9. Schedule a College Track Workshop for your group.  Call Anna Villalongo at (973) 881-8914.

10. Share this blog.

11. Come to the PEF Leadership Conversation on Saturday, October 2 at PCCC. It isn’t as as glamorous  as Oprah, but we’ll actually talk to each other. Dr. Evans, Mayor Jones, school board members, city council members, parents, students will all be there. Join us.

12. Tell your friends and family 12 things they can do to make change.

See you Saturday