Most of the news wasn’t good. Spring 2010 test scores were mostly down. One hundred eighty-six seniors didn’t pass the final exit exam and were denied diplomas. The board had lots of ideas about what to do that include all of us, especially parents, in motivating students.

The meeting was called to order at 6:20 with Best, Guzman, Hodges, Mendez, Simmons and Taylor in attendance. Irving entered at 6:29; Kerr at 6:49 and Rodriquez at 6:51pm.  We will publish a detailed attendance report following the October 20 board meeting. If the board is going to call the parents and the community to task for student achievement, they had better lead by example. And they need to improve attendance and participation.

At a workshop meeting, the committees report and recommend the resolutions on the consent agenda for the regular meeting.  Most of the business was typical, with the exception of a new item introduced by Dr. Evans on the powers of the new Deputy Superintendent.  The resolution called for the board to authorize the Deputy to act in the absence of Dr. Evans. The board pointed out that, by law, they have no authority over personnel. They decided to consult with the County Executive Superintendent to clarify the situation.

The board had lengthy discussions about the lack of progress by the SDA on school construction and repairs.  Which school has a broken boiler with repairs lagging? We’ll have evening temperatures below freezing near October 15.  Students and staff will suffer.

Have you ever heard of the “dance of the lemons?” We’ll tell you more about that in another post.

See you on the 20th. Irene