Dr. Evans brought better news to the Board of Education on Wednesday night. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 with Best, Guzman, Irving, Kerr, Mendez and Simmons present. Rodriguez and Hodges entered at 7:10 and Taylor at 7:30 pm.

Evans announced that the special auditors he requested were finishing up their work and that the freeze on hiring and spending would be lifted shortly. He did remind everyone that the so called “edu-job” monies sent by the federal government amounted to only $12 million.  Not all persons laid off would be called back. He particularly focused on assuring parents that IEP required services would be reinstated as quickly as possible.

It was particularly refreshing to have several parents speak during the public portion, including the new President of the JFK HS PTO.

Watch two issues: a new charter school proposal for a virtual charter high school that includes Paterson and a new QSAC cycle to begin on November 15.  As of the board meeting, Paterson had still not received its QSAC results from June.

Don’t forget the Parent Awareness Day on Saturday, October 30 and the series of six Forums to hear from Dr. Evans starting on Tuesday, October 26.