Thanks to John Mooney and and NJ Spotlight, we now know that 308 employees of the School Development Authority, including nearly 50 making over $100,000, have worked for nearly a year to reconsider 50 school projects and reorganize the organizational chart.  With roughly 60 SDA employees per project, how much longer can it take to get construction underway?

How long will Paterson children have to sit in substandard classrooms? Every leader of the SDA [and SCC before it] has come to Paterson and commiserated with us about the state of our buildings. Paterson has the worse facilities in the state, says each chief. Each time  our local leaders assure me that THIS time we will get the construction underway because now the new guy understands our needs.

Only relentless pressure from the community and its allies will result in the construction of schools for Paterson and the other “SDA districts.” Let’s get started.

By the way, can anybody make a joke about how many SDA employees it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

See the coverage in NJ Spotlight and the Herald News/Record.