I participated in professional development at two national conferences last week, hence no blogs. My brain gets too full! I find I’m not only taking in the content of the meetings, but dreaming about how to use the knowledge to push us forward. It’s the activist in me at work .

Today,  I want to share some information on my trip to National Latina/o Psychological Association in San Antonio. Our Informal Summer Science interns presented a poster on using hands on science to motivate middle school youngsters. Our three presenters, all college sophomores, were the youngest members of the conference. All three are graduates of Paterson School #2, participants in Living Classroom and members of PEF’s Girls United for the Earth [GUFE] group.

View their poster: San Antonio Presentation

Conference participants were very welcoming to us although we represented a different side of the work. Most participants were university professors and their graduate students who were presenting academic research papers about the Latino/a experience. We presented an active approach- hands on science- to engage the young people, especially Latino/as in their own learning.

It was an eye opening experience for our interns. The breadth of subjects offered, the deep discussion of the differences in Latino/a cultures and the concern about graduating more Latino/a students opened new windows on the importance of the work they are doing. It was the first time they saw themselves as part of a movement.

Thanks to Keisha Hill and Sarah Sterling-Laldee of School 2 for proposing the presentation and accompanying our interns. Thanks to Roche for underwriting the Informal Summer Science program from whichhis work is generated.

Our students have so much to offer if we only provide the way.

Towards a bright future,