Gov. Christie moves to limit superintendent salaries and the suburbs fight back. Could this be the issue that brings the cities and the suburbs together? Listening to the suburban superintendents and school board members at a public hearing last week gives me hope that city/suburb education coalitions could be our future.

We can all agree that a talented superintendent is a key to successful education for our children. Why would we limit superintendent salaries and put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage with the other school districts in our region? If the cuts that Gov. Christie proposes are enacted, it will be even harder to attract outstanding talent to New Jersey schools. 

We in Paterson understand just how difficult it can be to bring high quality talent here.  Every political hack wants the job-they are power hungry as are their politician suppporters. Just think of all the jobs and contracts! But real educators face enormous challenges as they attempt to put the educational needs of children before the desires of adults.

To explore more of the discussion, see Bob Braun’s column in today’s Star Ledger. And for a look at the possible legal issues, see NJ Spotlight. To read the proposed regulations, go here.

Next Monday, we’ll tell you more and offer a way to let your voice be heard through our CapWiz action alert center.