It’s a day to celebrate! Paterson parents stood up for their kids in two separate, but significant actions.

First, Corey Teague organized a protest in front of the Paterson Public Schools central offices to highlight the state’s lack of action in releasing funds to provide for pre-k special education services.

Second, the Paterson Education Organizing Committee [PEOC] sent a 6 person delegation to the School Development Authority meeting in Trenton to urge the constuction of Paterson schools, especially the Hazel Marshall project.

What’s the outcome? For Corey Teague and his child, the Board supported a resolution to hire an outside firm to provide the needed services for pre-school special needs children. Furthermore, the Early Childhood Department discussed a further action to provide compensatory services that will come to the board for action at a later meeting.  It took a law suit by Mr. Teague and his parents to force the State Department’s hand to give the Paterson Public Schools the permission to spend the funds.

For PEOC and all the children sitting in old, obsolete schools, there isn’t an immediate win.  SDA CEO Mark Larkin continues to move slowly towards spending the money he has to construct new schools. If you want to help, go to the Act tab on PEF’s homepage and send the Governor a message.

Our parents are standing up.  We need to stand with them.