New rumors that Gov Christie will name a new Commissioner of Education are swirling around again.

The Gov’s choice matters.  A lot. Paterson needs stability. In the past 5 years, Paterson has had three superintendents, each with a different vision for how to improve our schools. Each has gotten different advice from  different Commissioners through the Governor’s Office. [I try to imagine how Gov. Christie would have responded by the PEA’s push to get rid of Dr. Glascoe.]

The lack of consistancy continues to plague our schools. It’s no wonder that the folks who don’t want change simply don’t comply.  They figure that the new leader will change the direction and they can just stop doing anything they don’t like.

PEF sees it each time. We’ve had to restart Paterson Pathways [formerly Navigation 101] with each new super because some schools don’t like the extra effort it takes to provide caring advice. You can only imagine the response to more rigorous changes.

My hope is that whoever is named Commissioner of Education will fully support Dr. Evans- and the children of Paterson who so desparately need the change he brings.