“Why aren’t you outraged? You should be outraged!”say our newest education reformers.

Where have they been?

Not paying attention, I guess. I’ve had plenty of outrage at the terrible things done to our kids.  I’ve spent countless hours talking to bureaucrats in Trenton about abuses by the leadership they have imposed on us. All too often the reply is a deaf ear and no action because the politics are more important than the children’s education. 

I learned early on the outrage would not move them, it would only make me sick.

So I turned my anger into action, building the networks and programs that could help overturn complacency and inaction.  It’s why I believe so strongly in organizing and helped get the funding for it. It’s why I’ve worked hard to create peer-to-peer learning networks for parents and students. It’s why PEF innovated with student advisories and spearheaded community schools. Outrage transformed into reform.

So if you want to know where the outrage is, look at the work. Not for a few, not for a sliver but for ALL our children.

ALL means ALL. Not just the two parent, stable homes. But the hungry and homeless, the underemployed and the addicted and the immigrants and all the families stuggling to find a place of peace and nuture. 

All  means all. We have to stay the course.

And do ask me where my outrage is, I’ll be glad to tell you.