We have moved tonight’s PEF “Follow the Money” workshop to Wednesday nite as the Paterson Public Schools moved the budget hearing until next week. So plan to join us Wednesday nite at 6 pm at the PEF offices to unearth the proposed changes for next year.

A quick peek? We can now see the individual budgets for the three academies at Eastside, for example.  We will also see the budget for HARP for the first time, as it is separated from the combined Academy High Schools budget.

The fact that these schools now have separate budgets also means that we will see their state test scores reported individually, too. We’ll be able to compare their performance to other Paterson high schools, district or charter.  I’ll show you some “scattergrams,” a tool so beloved by the current NJDOE , that will reveal some interesting realities about achievement among our schools.

Please plan to join us.  Remember that when we know where the money is going, we know where the educational priorities are. Don’t miss this oportunity to get informed, develop your questions and participate in improving Paterson schools!

See you Wednesday night!