“Democracy isn’t just for rich people,” said Julia Sass Rubin in Bob Braun’s column about waning support for charters.

Our suburban neighbors are proposing that charter schools should have to be approved by the local community. Dr. Rubin leads a coalition called Save Our Schools NJ who has pushed legislation about this.  Coalition members want a say in who gets their school tax support. They see charters as diverting resources from what is good for all their kids.

Some supporters of giving local permission for charters have suggested that high performing school districts get that right, but that struggling districts should have to accept charters. Rubin says she fears that kind of thinking will lead to allowing wealthy suburban residents to have a say over what sort of schools they have in their communities while urban residents are forced to accept charter and voucher schools.

“Democracy isn’t just for rich people,” she says.

Amen to that.

What do you think? Should Paterson and other struggling districts have the right to approve charters school applications?

Democratically [small d] yours,