I’m sending a big shout out to all the wonderful people and groups who have responded to the needs of the children of Napier Academy/School 4. Thank you all so much. I know that some of you don’t want recognition so I won’t list your names. But thank you all.

Special thanks to the Taub Foundation for a gift that has provided science and math materials for the 7th & 8th grades. Gratitude also to St. Luke’s Baptist Church, First AME Zion and Paterson Noontime Rotary for the donation of school supplies. Another gift came to purchase art supplies. Thanks also to the United Way who provided school supplies through their back pack project.  Special thanks to Kelly Makino, the community school site coordinator and the Boys and Girls Club for coordinating the effort with us. We know more gifts are coming and we’ll let you know as they do.

Right now I want you to know how grateful the children, the families and the faculty of the school are that someone cares about them.  Losing their school, a place of safety and security, was a terrible blow on top of their other losses. We’ll be posting pictures and thank you’s as they come in. 

Your care and concern means more than you’ll ever know!