I love putting a smile on children’s faces. Their joy in simple things is so uplifting. Yesterday, on Halloween, we took pop-up cards to Napier Academy/School 4’s middle school students. Their smiles spread from ear to ear.

Today, we have a new opportunity to make big smiles. A family foundation is providing a last dollar match to pre-K to third grade projects posted on Donors Choose website. Here’s how it works. A teacher submits a proposal to Donors Choose. You, the donor, make a donation in any amount towards the project. Once several of us have donated half the funding needed, the family foundation provides the other half.  Really neat!

If you go to www.donorschoose.com today, you’ll see 19 Paterson projects posted.  Not all of them are eligible for this special match. But look at them all to see what teachers are planning.  As days go by, more Paterson projects will be posted for your consideration.

If you are a teacher reading this, please post a project to help your students.  If you are a PEF supporter, consider this Donors Choose opportunity as another avenue of service to Paterson’s children. We’ll keep you posted as more projects become available. 

Let’s make lots of children smile [and learn!]