Last night we shared PEF’s latest edition of the Educated Voters Guide to the School Board Elections with the School Board members. As usual, the Commissioners immediately turned to our report on their attendance. And as usual, they were surprised by the report. It looks different in black and white.

PEF creates the report by reading the minutes of all the meetings. We don’t report from our notes [I do attend most board meetings….] but from the approved minutes. Those minutes are the legal report of the Board’s actions. Each month, the Commissioners vote to approve the minutes as accurate to the actions of the Board. The committee reports are part of the minutes.

If commissioners are dismayed by the report, they might consider entering minutes of their committee meetings into the record [and minutes] of their regular meetings. When commissioners make verbal reports, they sometimes leave the attendees out. If they submitted written minutes, there wouldn’t be any questions about who participated.