When you object to some of the new school reform agenda, people accuse you of being against the kids. “Even if our ideas aren’t perfect, some children will get educated,” they argue. I wish that was true. But the evidence is piling up that charters do not perform better than regular public schools, especially when we adjust for poverty and special conditions.

And now comes the evidence that another favorite strategy, vouchers/”scholarships” created by private and corporate gifts made tax exempt, are being manipulated to serve already priviledged children, not the poor ones. I read today’s New York Times story, “Scholarship Funds Meant for the Needy“, and wept with rage.  Once again a strategy that is supposed to help poor children is perverted.

It’s why PEF opposes the Opportunity Scholarship Act in New Jersey.

We need to improve ALL schools for ALL the children. But whether you are willing to act on that idea all depends on whether you think all children can learn.  I’ll explore that idea further in my next post.