Submitting a VoteChanging the school board election from April to November will make a dramatic shift in who runs for school board and how much it will cost a candidate to run.  Moving to a November election will essentially give control of the school board to the county chair and committee. Such an action should not be made lightly.

Last night’s attempt to pass such a resolution with only six of nine board members present and only four affirmative votes is a reminder of how poorly decisions could be made. On a nine member board, fully participating, it takes 5 votes to pass any resolution. All you have to do is count your fingers.

And I believe that such a significant change ought to be more of a consensus. Convince your fellow board memebers that what you are proposing is in Paterson’s best interest. Or choose the other routes open for such a change.

The law lays out two options for changing the school board election from April to November. Instead of a vote of the school board, the city council could vote and institute the change.

It doesn’t seem that there is any community pressure for a change.  Not five school board votes, not a cilty council vote. My advice, leave the school board election alone.

What do you think?