rosie for blogWelcome to the 2013/14 school year!  I love new beginnings.  When I was in school I remember my 4th grade teacher telling me that everybody starts the new school year with an “A”.  What a great way to set us on our educational journey! I wish all our students, parents and teachers an A+ year!

As PEF’s new Executive Director, I’m looking forward to engaging the community so that we each do our part to make this happen. PEF will continue to focus on working with the schools and community to build a college going culture in Paterson.  We want every child to graduate high school on time prepared for college or career.  This work begins at birth.  Our Paterson Reads work is focused on making sure every child is reading on grade level by the end of grade 3.  The 50 Book Club rewards students in grades K-8 for reading 50 or more books during the school year.  Paterson Pathways is a small group advisory program that guides students in the creation of a plan for life after high school.  College Track workshops will be peer led by high school students beginning in October.  Our Informal Science and STEAM Initiative promote peer-led teacher professional development. We co-lead the Full Service Community Schools Initiative to make sure that all our children’s needs are met.

We’re also working with parents so that they can better support, monitor and advocate for their children’s education.  Remember that “A” I mentioned at the beginning?  Does the “A” mean your child is getting everything he or she needs? What’s the “A” worth?  Our Right Question Project workshop can help you figure that out.

I look forward to working with you as we implement these and other initiatives.  Let’s put all our energy into keeping those “A”s and graduating every Paterson child!

Rosie Grant