Irene and RosieI’m so excited to celebrate PEF’s 30th Anniversary along with an opportunity to honor Irene for her dedicated service to Paterson children.  

We wouldn’t be here without Irene’s stellar leadership. I thank her for the vision to start this organization and the work to effectively build and sustain PEF for 30 years. I thank her for the work PEF has done to engage the community in school reform and the positive changes we’ve seen in Paterson Public Schools policies and practices as a result of this engagement.  Irene has been my friend and mentor for all these years and I am extremely thankful for her influence on my personal and professional development. 

As we move forward, PEF will continue the engagement, advocacy and capacity building work that we currently lead while always looking for new, innovative ways to help Paterson children succeed. We will continue to transform the lives of Paterson children so that they are educated to high standards.  

It is a privilege to have this opportunity to continue the work that Irene began as PEF’s Executive Director and that we undertook together for 21 years.  The transformation doesn’t end here. Irene’s legacy continues until we graduate every Paterson child.