rosie for newsletterGiven that this year will be Paterson’s 1st November School Board Election, I decided we should call the authorities to get official information.  After all, petitions for would be candidates are due by 4:00pm on July 28.  The first call was to the Passaic County Board of Elections.  The person on the phone told us that since this was a school board election, we needed to call the City of Paterson.  The folks in the City Clerk’s office told us to call Paterson Public Schools since this is for the school board election.  So we called Paterson Public Schools and we were told that the District would no longer be handling this since the election is now combined with the general election.  That person directed us to call the City or the County, and so the cycle began again.

How is it that no one knows who’s in charge, when petitions are due in a little more than one month?  While we’re still waiting for a return call from the responsible party, we decided to search the Internet thinking we could at least get a copy of last year’s ballot from another Passaic County municipality.  Guess what we found? An online copy of the Nominating Petition For November School Election! Where? On the Passaic County Board of Elections Website of course!

We are now ready for this evening’s “So You Want to Run for School Board?” Workshop and the County Clerk is also now ready to receive petitions.  I’m so glad we asked!