Paterson gained local control after nearly 30 years of State Takeover!

Hi Friends,

I hope you are well and finding ways to cope in these trying times. I have some great news that should help uplift your spirit!

Yesterday, the State Board of Education handed full local control of Paterson Public Schools to the Paterson Board of Education! Hooray!!!! Congratulations and thanks to all current and past school board members, administrators, educators, staff, students, parents, community, elected officials, advocates, activists and anyone else that played any part in making this happen! Thank you, NJ State Board of Education and NJ Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan. Special thanks to Superintendent Eileen Shafer, who has spent her tenure as Superintendent, to date, leading the district to this moment!

PEF has been monitoring State Takeover and advocating for the return of local control for 30 years! I have personally logged 280 trips to Trenton for State Board of Education meetings, 136 for Legislative Hearings and Committee Meetings and many others for meetings and rallies. Add to that, the participation of PEF’s staff, volunteers and other school and community partners! Additionally, thanks to the generosity of our donors who believe in our work, PEF has invested millions of dollars to bring resources and programs that continue to improve outcomes for our children!

Let’s be clear. Even as we celebrate this milestone, our work is not done, and neither is the State’s. We must continue to advocate for adequate resources for a thorough and efficient education for our children. We must make sure that the policies and programs implemented locally, benefit our children and lead to better outcomes. This is the beginning of a new chapter for our children. Let’s work together to ensure that Paterson children have every opportunity to thrive!

Please join us in celebrating Paterson’s RETURN TO LOCAL CONTROL! Congratulations to all! Here’s to a better tomorrow for our children and our schools.