Learn how to ask the right questions and get the results you need! Questions_To_-Ask

Learn to use questions to start a discussion!

Asking the right questions is the simplest, most powerful strategy available for helping people learn to advocate for themselves and their children, participate in decisions that affect them and partner with schools.

PEF’s Right Question Project workshop helps Paterson parents develop their own list of questions.  With these questions, parents can effectively support, monitor and advocate for their children’s education.  Workshop participants also learn how to set priority and focus on a particular issue so that we get our questions answered.

Here are some of the questions that workshop participants are asking:

How do I know if my child is getting everything he or she needs?

  • What does my son need to get into college?
  • What does my son need to get into college?
  • How can I tell if my child is on the college track?
  •  What does my son need to get into college?

Once you learn the Right Question Project strategy you can use it to navigate any system including education, health systems and any public agency.  Workshop participants have even reported using the strategy in the court system.

PEF will bring the workshop to you!  We have a group of parents who have been trained to lead the workshops.  We will come to wherever parents are gathered – churches, community centers, mosques, non-profit organizations, schools, etc.  The more parents that are using the strategy to support, monitor and advocate for better student outcomes, the better it gets for all Paterson children.  We also offer training if you are interested in leading the workshops for other parents.

Call Rosie Grant for additional information (973) 881-8914.